Robotic arm

In this page you find more details on the my Robotic Arm personal project


Personal Project: Anthropomorphic manipulator 

Author: Claudio Paliotta

Period: 2013

Objective: Building a small anthropomorphic manipulator for writing.

Description: The manipulator is composed of:

  1. Three servo motors HS-425BB (180º rotation);
  2. One Arduino duemilanove.

The three servomotors are assembled on a “homemade” plastic structure. In particular, the robot arms have been realized from a plastic panel. The basis is made of aluminum and it has been built by me as well. After the realization of the structure and the motor assembling, the model parameters have been calculated and used for the control design.

A controller based on an inverse kinematics method has been implemented interfacing the Arduino duemilanove board with MatLab/Simulink. The control feedback is applied using positional information provided by the servomotors.

Status: The robot is able to write with a pencil few letters of the alphabet.



The anthropomorphic manipulator assembled.