Ph.D. Evaluation

In this page you find the final assessment of my Ph.D. thesis and a link to trial lecture which was part of the evaluation.


At the Norwegian University of Science and Technology the examination for the Ph.D. degree is based on the evaluation of the Ph.D. thesis by a committee specifically appointed and on the assessment of a trial lecture given by the candidate. The trial lecture is about a topic which is not directly related to its Ph.D. field of work and assigned to him/her two weeks before the official defense.

A copy of the examination result can be found at this link.

A copy of the trial lecture can be found here. The title of the trial lecture isĀ “Guidance, navigation and control of autonomous cars”. The lecture gives an historical overview of the evolution of autonomous drive and describes a number of control methods developed in the past decades. Furthermore, it briefly describes the navigation problem for autonomous cars and briefly describes several approaches commonly used to solve this problem. Finally, some future perspectives and challenges are described.