Autonomous car

In this page you find more details on the my  Autonomous car personal projects.


Personal Project: Autonomous car 

Authors: Claudio Paliotta, Dennis J.W. Belleter, Albert Sans Muntadas (PhD collegues)

Period: Autumn 2015 – in progress.

Objectives: Building a small autonomous vehicle for indoor applications.

Description: The vehicle is composed by:

  1. Four DC motors, one for each wheel;
  2. Two encoders, one for each front wheel;
  3. One ultrasound sensor for obstacles detection;
  4. One IMU sensor;
  5. One Arduino Mega for controlling of the motors and the sensors (the motors are connected to an opportune motor shield);
  6. One battery pack for the Arduino Mega powering;
  7. Raspberry Pi 2 model B.


Status: The vehicle is assembled and functional. At the current stage it is able to move forward and steer in order to avoid obstacles detected by the ultrasound sensor. Basic teleoperations are possible.


Future work: Interface the Arduino Mega with a Raspberry Pi using ROS (Robotic Operative System) in order to render the vehicle more autonomous. In particular, the Raspberry Pi will be the “brain” of the vehicle. The Raspberry Pi will have the role to plan in real time the task to be executed.


The assembled autonomous car.